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The Europa Diary
and Teacher’s Guide
2008 - 2009

Informing and protecting young Europeans

The Europa Diary supports:

  • form tutor sessions
  • activities in PSHE/Citizenship
  • pastoral care in your school.

The diaries and teacher’s guide are free and are provided by the European Commission and Generation Europe Foundation.

What does the Teacher’s Guide include?

The Europa Diary is a Europe-wide effort to provide young people with essential information on their roles and responsibilities as young European citizens. Since teachers play a vital part in this, a Teacher’s Guide is included, which:

  • is easy-to-use and full of information
  • provides ideas and advice for classroom activities, discussion and homework
  • offers guidance on providing topical, stimulating learning experiences based on topics covered in the diary
  • presents an opportunity to demonstrate effective provision and improved outcomes to Ofsted.

What is the Europa Diary?

  • It’s a practical diary that promotes citizenship education in schools. It covers areas such as consumer rights, environmental responsibility, career planning, European and world studies…
  • It helps young people to make informed, responsible and independent choices.
  • It helps develop confident and active citizens.
  • It informs young people of the social, economic and environmental consequences of their actions.


Update: 24/05/2008

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